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Catering Service in Chiang Mai – Hannah Hahn Cafe & Restaurant

"Let us be a part of your important day."
Hannah Hahn

Hannah Hahn’s Cafe and Restaurant offers catering services and event organizing, including birthday parties, meetings, and private events, along with venue rental services. At Hannah Hahn, we provide various buffet options, food, drinks, snacks, delicious desserts, birthday cakes, and decorations according to your desired theme. The venue for the event can be held both indoors and outdoors. Our restaurant has a comfortable and open space, complete with a play area for children.

Outdoor Catering

The outside area of the restaurant is spacious, making it suitable for events that require a comfortable atmosphere in the evening or workshops that need ample space. Additionally, it’s ideal for product exhibitions, such as car exhibitions with test drives.

Indoor Catering

There are 2 floors inside the restaurant. The ground floor is decorated in a simple, comfortable Muji style, complete with a toy room for children, a beverage bar, and a bakery zone. The 2nd floor will be more mature, and suitable for events that require a closed location and privacy, such as dinner parties, family gatherings, and organizing various meetings or workshops.

Food & Drinks

Our restaurant offers a service to prepare food, snacks, and drinks suitable for any event. We are ready to provide custom birthday cake services and decorate the event according to the theme desired by the customer.

Buffet Options & Pricings

Explore a variety of buffet options, ranging from traditional Thai to international flavors. Choose from our standard Thai buffet, special Thai buffet, or enjoy a blend of international and Thai dishes.

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